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Master Classes, Concerts and Construction, Oh My!

By Ashley English, Hidden Valley Music Seminars

Summer is underway here at Hidden Valley! And with summer comes the bread and butter of Hidden Valley Music Seminars—Master Classes! Nearly every week for the span of a couple of months, we have at least one professional musician on campus teaching an elite group of advanced students the skills that have contributed to their rise to the top of their respective fields. From the Principal Oboe of the Metropolitan Opera to the Principal Bassoon and Solo Clarinet of the New York Philharmonic to the Principal Cello of The Cleveland Orchestra, we provide students unprecedented access to incomparable master musicians at the height of their crafts. The opportunity is an extraordinary one, and our students travel from all across the country (and even internationally) to experience the incredible learning environment that is Hidden Valley.

But the summer is not just for our Master Class participants! You (yes you!) have the opportunity to experience these master musicians as well! Every year we host a Masters Festival Concert Series, and this year marks our 36th anniversary! This series consists of concerts that feature our master musicians in programs ranging from classical to contemporary to jazz. Many of these concerts highlight instruments that are seldom heard in solo performance, providing a unique opportunity to experience these instruments at their absolute best. Here at Hidden Valley, we draw together artist and audience in an intimate setting allowing for an unparalleled experience with the top performing professionals of our time.

Thus far in our 36th Annual Masters Festival Concert Series, we have witnessed the amazing artistry, stamina, and technical prowess of the Principal Oboe of the Metropolitan Opera, Elaine Douvas, and the phenomenal expressionism and unstoppable skill of international flute teacher and performer Keith Underwood. Later this week, Hidden Valley will be turned into a lively jazz club for a Jazz Flute Club Night featuring jazz flutist Ali Ryerson and the three other members of The Ryerson Quartet (Steve Rudolph, Akira Tana, and John Wiitala). Take a look at what we have coming up in our Masters Festival Series! Tickets may be purchased in advance for $20 at hiddenvalleymusic.org or by calling (831) 659-3115. Tickets purchased at the door are $25.

Coming up in the Masters Festival Concert Series:

Jazz Flute Club Night featuring Ali Ryerson
The Ryerson Quartet
Thursday, June 16 at 7:30pm

Judith LeClair
Principal Bassoon, New York Philharmonic
Robert Walters
Solo English Horn, The Cleveland Orchestra
Friday, June 24 at 7:30pm

Mark Nuccio
Associate Principal and Solo E-flat Clarinet, New York Philharmonic
Monday, June 27 at 7:30pm

Mark Kosower
Principal Cello, The Cleveland Orchestra
Monday, July 25 at 7:30pm


Hidden Valley Seminars

If you come around campus, you might notice that it’s a bit noisier than usual. Yes, we have students coming in and out, practicing day and night, but that’s not the only thing we have going on at Hidden Valley. We are officially under construction!Our dance studio is being expanded and progress is happening rapidly! We’ve also shifted our deck! If you are a regular patron of Hidden Valley, we’d love for you to come see the ways in which we’re growing. If you’re a newbie, get ready to be impressed by our newest additions!

It’s an exciting time here at Hidden Valley, and I can’t wait for you to be a part of it! Stop in and say hello, come by to check out our construction projects, or take advantage of the tremendous talents of our master musicians by attending the Masters Festival Concert Series! You don’t want to miss this!

Ashley English, Hidden Valley Seminars By Ashley English, Hidden Valley Music Seminars

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