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It’s Always Sunny in Carmel Valley

There’s a buzz in Carmel Valley. Not too many years ago, that buzz would probably have emanated from the flies hovering around the horses on one of the Valley’s numerous working ranches. Now, in the early years of the twenty-first century, that sound is the vibrant hum of commerce, the buzz of business, the happy hum of people having fun. And it is a happy place; a place of sunshine, warmth and hospitality. If it’s foggy in Monterey or Carmel, chances are the sun is beaming bright in the Valley, especially east of Quail Lodge and Golf Club, about three miles from Highway 1 on Carmel Valley Road. Not that long ago, Carmel Valley was rural with a capital “R.” Dairy farms, horse ranches, fruit and nut orchards, row crops, hay fields.


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