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 Outdoor Forest Theatre

Steve Vagnini is a familiar name on the local music scene as a promoter and director of the Monterey County chapter of the nonprofit Guitars Not Guns. He’s perhaps more famously known as the man behind the annual West End Celebration in Sand City, held each August. Now Vagnini, under his company SLV Management, is launching a new music series in Carmel at the outdoor Forest Theater, appropriately named Music in the Forest. The first installment of the series features three talented female singer-songwriters, ranging from longtime performers to one who is still in the early years of what will certainly be a long career. Award-winning Cindy Alexander released her first album in 1999 and has recorded nine solo albums since. Hayley Jane draws inspiration from a wide range of styles, from ’60s and ’70s rock and pop to musical theater, folk, blues and soul. Finally, there’s the up-and-coming Katherin Lavin, a 14-year-old singer-songwriter from the Monterey Peninsula known for her appearances at local events. Additionally, Vagnini promises to announce the lineup for this year’s West End Celebration. [PM] 5-8pm Saturday, May 21. Forest Theater, Mountain View Avenue and Santa Rita Street, Carmel. $25/adults; $15/children ages 18 and under. Proof of vaccination required. 601-9609,


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