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Carmel Valley Save Open Space, CVSOS, is a non-profit 501(c)3 that was organized to conserve lands in Carmel Valley. Current efforts are directed towards purchasing the Carmel Valley airfield property. The airfield property is vital to the community as staging for emergency services and as open space. This 30-acre tract in the center of Carmel Valley Village adds value to the community with its beauty, easy access for walking, and for its use during emergencies and community events. Due to its geographic location and size, it has been employed as a critical large-scale emergency staging area for fire fighting. And, each December, enthusiastic children stand on this airfield and watch the skies for Santa to Fly-In during Carmel Valley Village’s signature holiday event.

Recognizing the unique value of maintaining this property as open space, the community has come together through CVSOS in an effort to purchase the whole tract. Our community has a rare opportunity to preserve this jewel in the “heart of the valley” for generations to come.

The property is currently for sale as three large to-be-developed lots; it could be lost to us at any time. Development of any of this land will impact the ability of residents to use it as it has traditionally been used—for walking, nature enjoyment, and emergency services.

Please join the effort to purchase this valuable tract of land. Support CVSOS by visiting to donate and learn more.

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