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One of the finest spa resorts in California, Carmel Valley Ranch is a playground for all ages, and while some guests may seek joy in the oak forest testing their physical endurance, others may find the most restorative play takes place at Spa Aiyana.

Spa Aiyana, which translates to “eternal blossom,” is nestled in the treetops overlooking pastoral Carmel Valley below. Being on Native American grounds, the name fit so well with the 500 acres of garden on which it sits.

Treatments in the spa are each based on one of four specialized gardens, Lavender, Herb, Aiyana and Alchemist, which use the invigorating, restorative and relaxing energy found in the natural world. Spa services include massage therapies, body therapies, advanced and organic skincare, visible results oxygen fusion, nail care, and waxing.


Spa Aiyana

1 Old Ranch Road
Carmel, CA  93923
ph 831.626.2586